"What a class...changed my life truly. It made me realize after having multiple sclerosis and many different issues for the past five years that I am still very capable to do anything I choose, maybe in different ways, but I am still in control of my destiny.

I’m not sure where to start the moment I opened day one I was asked a simple question that made me think and I was able to put real thought into what I was doing planning out taking time to organize my thoughts my dreams my wishes not sure what that was gonna do but as I started the journey of self reflection With the guidance of Eileen, I’ve been able to truly calm my nerves, focus my attention, and find away to really help my future by getting to the root and help Make my dreams happen.

The best part is, I’m able to do it without stress, anxiety, the tools I receive, and the guidance I receive really helps keep me grounded. Eileen, you and your class are beyond amazing and has changed my life forever!"

Credit: S.L.
Published Date: January 13, 2024
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