Debbie L.

"I want to thank Eileen Lemelman for her 14-day self-love challenge that I completed. With her expertise and kind and methodical guidance, I have found myself re-tooled and reminded of the importance of self-love that ultimately impacts all areas of my life. Over the course of the challenge, she led us through exercises, offered tools, journals and mediations and lastly group participation that provided an exchange of like-experiences. Throughout the challenge, the exercises offered me the opportunity to examine my tendencies/expectations, boundaries, forgiveness aptitude, and my mind-body connection. I emerged with a deeper, unconditional love for myself! Too often we, particularly women, focus on our love and healing for others when it is critical to put us first to sustain that light that we emit in the world. This challenge was a triumphant success for me, thank you!"

Credit: Debbie L.
Published Date: February 28, 2023
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