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"I had the pleasure of attending the Vision Board and Intention Setting event on January 6th with Eileen Lemelman, Licensed Social Worker in Delray Beach, FL. Prior to the event she sent us daily prompts to begin setting intentions for 2024 to prepare for the event. I found that especially helpful since the structure helped me to get ready to create my vision board.

On the day of the event Eileen created a safe and nurturing environment with delicious healthy snacks which enhanced the whole experience. I loved Eileen’s meditation to prepare our intentions for 2024. It was an extra bonus to meet some other “sisters” on the same journey. Eileen is very professional and an excellent facilitator. It was a very meaningful experience. I give this event 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐"

Jane “Goldie” Winn, MSS

"What a class...changed my life truly. It made me realize after having multiple sclerosis and many different issues for the past five years that I am still very capable to do anything I choose, maybe in different ways, but I am still in control of my destiny.

I’m not sure where to start the moment I opened day one I was asked a simple question that made me think and I was able to put real thought into what I was doing planning out taking time to organize my thoughts my dreams my wishes not sure what that was gonna do but as I started the journey of self reflection With the guidance of Eileen, I’ve been able to truly calm my nerves, focus my attention, and find away to really help my future by getting to the root and help Make my dreams happen.

The best part is, I’m able to do it without stress, anxiety, the tools I receive, and the guidance I receive really helps keep me grounded. Eileen, you and your class are beyond amazing and has changed my life forever!"


"The 14-day Self Love Warrior Challenge was a beautiful collection of daily affirmations, journal prompts, meditations and challenges.

Happiness and the ability to change things we want to improve on only comes when we can first and foremost love ourselves unconditionally exactly as we are right now.

I really do think that embracing and practicing the content from the challenge will help me on my journey to be the best me I can be!"


"I want to thank Eileen Lemelman for her 14-day self-love challenge that I completed. With her expertise and kind and methodical guidance, I have found myself re-tooled and reminded of the importance of self-love that ultimately impacts all areas of my life. Over the course of the challenge, she led us through exercises, offered tools, journals and mediations and lastly group participation that provided an exchange of like-experiences. Throughout the challenge, the exercises offered me the opportunity to examine my tendencies/expectations, boundaries, forgiveness aptitude, and my mind-body connection. I emerged with a deeper, unconditional love for myself! Too often we, particularly women, focus on our love and healing for others when it is critical to put us first to sustain that light that we emit in the world. This challenge was a triumphant success for me, thank you!"

Debbie L.

"I have learned so much about self-care from Eileen. The Self Love Warrior Challenge allowed me to remember beautiful things that I love about myself, and deal with questions that come up, in relationship to other people like, "Where do I begin and end? Where does the other person begin and end? How do I take care of myself? How can I be of service to other people, while also being true to my own heart? How do I listen to become clear about my needs, including emotional and physical needs?" It's not a perfect process and I've come a long way, learning to slow down and listen to my inner voice."


"You know there were so many sequences of events that got me here but without the tools from you, I don’t think I would have ever been able to have the courage and the knowledge and the boundaries and the everything; all the tools that you gave me to get here. I would have never done that without you. You represented so much importance in my life."

Lisa Bernerian, Falcon Lake Farm

"The show was so amazing, It All Starts with You with Eileen. It was so incredible to have so many of our authors here today and have a live studio audience. It was phenomenal! Make sure you tune in on Fridays. Thanks so much Eileen for having us on."

Wendi Blum Weiss, Business Coach and Speaker

"Eileen, I think you have a really great interview style. You have such great questions for all the guests. You’re so interested in our stories. That’s what I really love. You just bring so many diverse women together. All with a different background, all with a different story to tell. I thought it was magnificent. Thank you so much."

Kona Wilkinson

"I just love being on Eileen’s show. She’s so energetic, so enthusiastic. Her focus on women is extraordinary. I think she is a wonderful person. I love working with her."

Patti Shotwell

"Thank you Eileen Lemelman for having Aleksandr Skarlato and me in your show to share our stories. It was lovely to reflect with you on the power of dancing, and we even got to do a little dance in your cozy studio!

I will borrow from this brilliant thought, "Dancing is one more opportunity to not care about what others think."

Thank you for your work empowering women to become more of what we could be. It All Starts with You!"

Carolina Oria, Dance Flow Studio

"It was so amazing to be part of the show, It All Starts with You with Eileen. I was happy with my student-dancer, Carolina Oria to share our experience, to talk about our studio, to talk about well-being, and to talk about dancing. Thanks so much for having us."

Aleksandr Skarlato, Founder and Owner, Dance Flow Studio

"Well, I think you know that I really am never leaving. I'll be here every day just in case someone can’t make it. I’m going to be your fill-in. I'll bring the brownies. It was amazing!

Eileen, you are warm, generous, kind, and inspiring and to be able to converse with you when you have all the cameras and the filming around you, it says a lot for who are and what you want to share, and that’s yourself. And that’s the best gift ever!"

Lenore Nolan-Ryan, Chef
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